“As life gets longer, awful feels softer.
Well it feels pretty soft to me.
And if it takes shit to make bliss,
then I feel pretty blissfully.”

-Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse


What Makes a Blog?

I see a blog as a start of a relationship with new people. it still starts out the same way any relationship starts. the first time you post or the first time you enter someones page, you are introducing yourself to them or they are introducing themselves to you.  But it is strange because you don’t necessarily ever even talk to or meet these people, and yet you may start to feel a connection with them. Or also similarly to real life relationships after the introductions and and follow-up posts that act as your first couple conversations,  you may discover that you do not get along with these people and the relationship ends there.I feel like that is what makes it a blog. I don’t believe other mediums can give that kind of connection in that way.

The connection you get from reading a blog, is also unique from the connection you would get if you were actually talking to that person. A way a person writes is different from the way a person speaks. I believe that is because even though we are allowed to say whatever we want when speaking directly to a person, it may not feel like it would be any right context to bring up something you have been thinking about. But in a blog, your thoughts are the context. This allows you to know a person in a way that you may not have in strictly person to person relationship. Kathleen Fitzpatrick made an excellent example of this when she said, “A woman I’ve never met IRL, but whom I know from a series of online interactions, told me via IM that I was “a well- rounded character”; the other, in which a woman I do know IRL told me that she felt like she knew me better from my blog than from our direct interactions.”

There are some interesting blogs out there, and there is something out there for everyone. It is a unique experience that everyone should try at some point.

How Do You Work This Thing? *Slaps the Computer*

Setting up my page was an interesting process, I did not realize how many paywalls I was going to run into to get what I wanted. But that’s okay, I will just have to be less picky because I sure as hell won’t spending money on this yet. Although it isn’t exactly how I want it, and I am not totally sure what it is that I want yet, it’s starting to come together. There will certainly be changes in the future as I figure this thing out. The only issues I had was trying to navigate around. I haven’t quite figured out the layout of the website, but I should after playing with it a bit more

I’m not completely sure what I will be doing in this blog, but I imagine I will be writing things about all the different flavors of music. There are a lot of music, and I would like to share some of tastier flavors of music, and maybe rant about some of the less tasty music out there. Maybe I will even post my own music, who knows? I sure as hell don’t.

Oh, I Didn’t See You There. Because You’re not There.

Hello nobody! My name is Brett Wheeler. Seeing as how this is my first post I can’t imagine anyone will be reading this any time soon, but just like any insane person, I am going to introduce myself anyway, whether someone is listening or not. Like I said, my name is Brett, I am 20 years old (soon to be 21), and I am a student at Bemidji State University. I am majoring in computer science so that I can one day work a deep fryer at McDonald’s. Okay, I know that seems a bit pessimistic, I can be that way sometimes.

There are a few things that can keep my spirits up though. One of the most important is music. Music is my absolute greatest passion. If I go an entire day without listening to music, it was a bad day. I also attempt to create my own music, but I am fairly private about it for confidence reasons. Maybe some day I will build up the confidence to let you hear some of it. As of right now, “you” means no one, but maybe you will turn into somebody, or perhaps several somebodies. I guess we will see.